TomoPy 1.0.0 Release Notes

New features

  • FFTW implementation is now adopted. All functions that rely on FFTs such as gridrec, phase retrieval, stripe removal, etc. are now using the FFTW implementation through PyFFTW.
  • sinogram_order is added to recon as an additional argument. It determines whether data is a stack of sinograms (True, y-axis first axis) or a stack of radiographs (False). Default is False, but we plan to make it True in the upcoming release.
  • Reconstruction algorithms only copies data if necessary.
  • Updated library to support new mproc and recon functions. The data is now passed in sinogram order to recon functions. Also updated tests.
  • ncores and nchunks are now independent.
  • Setting nchunks to zero removes the dimension. That allows for the functions work on 2D data rather than 3D data.
  • Sliced data are used so that each process only receives the data it needs. No more istart and iend variables for setting up indices in parallel processes.
  • Functions will reuse sharedmem arrays if they can.

Deprecated features

  • All data I/O related functions are deprecated. They are available through DXchange package.
  • Removed fft.h and fft.c, they are now completely replaced with FFTW.

Backward incompatible changes

  • emission argument is removed from recon. After this change the tomographic image reconstruction algorithms always assume data to be normalized.